Digital Assassination

Protecting your reputation, brand or business against online attacks

“In the future, which is now, everyone will have 15 minutes of shame.”

Two leading reputation experts reveal how online attacks destroy brands, reputations, even lives...and provide a course of actions to turn the tables on digital assassins.

Tips to Respond to Online Attacks on Your Brand and Reputation

October 20, 2014

Such attacks can originate from many sources. The attackers are usually disgruntled employees, dissatisfied investors, unhappy customers, competitors and extortionists who are upset with a company and want to harm it.

The attacks can take many forms. Some of them are:

  • Posting defamatory comments on gripe websites like Ripoff Report.
  • Posting malicious and false comments on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook.
  • Sending anonymous defamatory mails to customers and clients, to get them to change their perception of a company or a brand.
  • Putting up false Yelp! reviews, changing Wikipedia entries to reflect false or defamatory content about company executives or brands, seeking to cause embarrassment.
  • Creating blogs and websites and posting defamatory or disparaging content about someone’s reputation or brand on them.

In their book, “Digital Assassination: Protecting your Reputation, Brand or Business Against Online Attacks”, authors Mark Davis and Richard Torrenzano talk about Seven Swords that can be used to harm brands and reputations online. We will discuss one of them, which the authors call ‘evil clones’...

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China Is Sitting Next to You Right Now

October 7, 2014

James Comey, FBI, 60 MinutesThe ramifications of FBI Director James Comey’s recent “60 Minutes Interview” is sinking in … and sinking in deep. He said that all U.S. companies have been hacked by the Chinese – that the typical Chinese hacker is like a “drunk burglar” prowling for “trade secrets.”

At the very least, Director Comey’s remarks recommend a strategy of disinformation.  Drunk burglars often have trouble distinguishing real diamonds from those made of glass.


Virtual Kidnapping

September 24, 2014

In our book, we warned that the postings of babies and children could be used for purposes that are less than benign.

Now weird and creepy people on Instagram are appropriating the posted photos of other people’s infants and toddlers and role-playing weird, online threads in which they feed and change the children.  Some are getting a little sexual, asking if the child wants to get “nakey.”




Anonymous Promises to Hack ISIS

September 16, 2014

Anonymous Hacks ISISOne group wears black hoods and beheads American and British journalists. The other group wears Guy Fawkes masks and promises to deface the social media of ISIS supporters Turkey and Qatar.

For once, Anonymous is turning its ire away from Western governments and corporations to target an international terrorist group. Will it work? And will the ISIS-related Syrian Electronic Army strike back at U.S. targets?


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