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"In the future, which is now, everyone will have 15 minutes of shame."


At laser speed, Internet attacks destroy reputations, brands, businesses... even lives. 


From false Wikipedia entries to Yelp attacks, obscene fabricated images to Facebook privacy concerns, every CEO and celebrity, small business owner, entreprenuer, physician, lawyer, journalist and politician, parent and child, is at risk of digital assassination. 


Two leading advisors to Fortune 500 corporations and public figures look beyond the technology to examine what social media realities, history, pop culture and futuristic science tell us about how to deal with digital assassins. 


Richard Torrenzano and Mark Davis predict what the end of privacy will mean for civilization -- and provide a course of actions to turn the tables on your would-be assassins. Using vivid stories pulled from history and the headlines, they illustrate the "Seven Swords of Digital Assassination" -- seven distinct forms that digital attackers assume: 















  • News Media Mayhem -- "Gossip Girls" who pushed aside traditional media and balanced reporting 

  • Silent Slashers -- Online damage to your business and reputation by unfelt "cuts" 

  • Evil Clones -- Confessions to something terrible using your name and image 

  • Human Flesh Search Engine -- Crowd sourcing that inspires instant digital lynch mobs 

  • Jihad by Proxy -- Moneyed interests that engage in "motive laundering" to launch deadly online attacks 

  • Truth Remix -- Spinning a bad fact into something far worse 

  • Clandestine Combat -- The ease which competitors or enemies simply purloin your secrets 

These “Seven Swords of Digital Assassination" cut and slice at reputations in different ways; each can be devastating, whether singly or in combination. 


Torrenzano and Davis explain how these assassins work, and what you can do to minimize, neutralize, and even defeat them using the "Seven Shields of Digital Assassination"— seven actions to protect your reputation, brand, business or life.


In our age of instantaneous global information, Digital Assassination is a savvy, streetwise, utterly entertaining -- and essential -- read.


Digital Assassination will be released on October 25, 2011 by St Martin's Press. Pre orders now available at Amazon.com or any major book seller or book website.

"In the future, which is now, everyone will have 15 minutes of shame."

Two leading reputation experts reveal how online attacks destroy brands, reputations, even lives...and provide a course of actions to turn the tables on digital assassins. 


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