Digital Assassination at its Most Disturbing

It is not enough to teach your children to avoid explicit “sexting.” Make sure that they are not storing any images of themselves that, in the eyes of a pedophile, would be worthy of posting and sharing.

There are now legions of girls, many in what they considered innocuous poses at the beach or the swimming pool, who have had their purloined images posted on a “Jailbait” section of a popular message board.

Gawker dug into one well-documented story, now three years old, about a 14-year-old Miami girl whose image was hacked, and displayed on porn sites favored by pedophiles. A Google search for her name now has 356,000 results.

"I spent the whole summer trying to take down all the pictures, but it was virtually impossible to track down who hacked me," she told an online site.

Money quote from Gawker:

"They're not even getting my pictures from Photobucket anymore," she told The Status. "They're getting them through my Facebooks. I can't even have my real name. I've had like six Facebooks now."

All the more reason why children need to know how to use their Facebook privacy settings.

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