New York Journal of Books: "Knowledgeable exploration for anyone who wants to know how to survi

The New York Jounal of Books, a leading book review panel consisting of bestselling and award-winning authors, journalists, experienced publishing executives and tenured academics comments:

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Because where or not you use the Internet, you do have a digital reputation to protect, and you had better pay attention to it. Those who do use the Internet have a bigger stake in the game, but even if you've never been "online," never signed on to an electronic mail account, selected a site with a web browser, or even owned a computer, you still have a digital reputation...

...At the close of Digital Assassination, Mr. Torrenzano and Mr. Davis explain how the best defense is a good offense in "The Seven Shields of Digital Assassination." They address each of the "seven swords" from the previous chapters. From being "Internet Savvy" to completing an honest "self-inventory," to "looking at yourself from the point of view of a digital assassin" and creating a "new and improved" image on the web, the authors tell us how to survive and if necessary, to recover. Also included is a game plan that can be personalized as a strategic and tactical approach.

...Digital Assassination is a comprehensive, knowledgeable exploration for anyone who wants, or needs, to know more about how best to survive in the digital universe.

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