Author, Speaker and CEO of Serve to Lead:"A must-read for anyone navigating today's social

James Strock, Author, Speaker on Transformational Leadership, and CEO of Serve to Lead comments:

...Richard Torrenzano and Mark Davis are highly respected communications professionals. They have explored the further reaches of the Internet and returned with a Baedeker for our time: Digital Assassination: Protecting Your Reputation, Brand, or Business Against Online Attacks...

...Digital Assassination identifies a series of “swords” which you may encounter in your social media journey. The authors demonstrate that history can provide a lot of instruction, at least for perspective. They also recognize that there are unique aspects of the Digital Age. They offer a credo: In a digital world, age needs to approach technology with greater skill. Youth needs to approach technology with greater wisdom.

Torrenzano and Davis have put together a Baedeker with a difference. Armed with their guide, you can emerge unbowed–and, hopefully, unscathed– from the risk of digital assassination. Even more importantly, you will be better equipped to craft your own identify, in ways both apparent and profound.

Digital Assassination is a must-read for anyone navigating today’s social media seas.

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