World's Oldest and Largest Library Association: "...readers will find witty writing and exp

The American Library Association's Booklist reviews Digital Assassination:

This book shows how anyone can be a target of online identity attacks, and readers will find witty writing and expert advice on how to guard against and respond to such attacks. Loaded with interesting anecdotes on how the Internet, media, and other technologies are used by unscrupulous people to disparage an individual’s or company’s reputation, the book demonstrates how these attacks have become more prevalent and widespread, thanks to the Internet age. From the character assassination that ensued from a feud between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton, to the leaking of private information on current celebrities, the book identifies “seven swords” of digital assassination that are common and timeless strategies for character attacks. Just as easily as a “Silent Slasher” slandered John Seigenthaler in a Wikipedia hoax, others engage in “Clandestine Combat” and “Jihad by Proxy.” Torrenzano and Davis share key defensive strategies applicable to businesses and individuals. These “seven shields” show how to build defenses against online attacks and how to maintain a positive image or brand on popular technology platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

— Cindy Kryszak

Booklist, November 15, 2011 Issue

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