One Count Digital Assassination. M.O. Twitter. Victim: Jon Bon Jovi

After dailynewbloginternational posted a pathetically bogus news release claiming the Jon Bon Jovi died of a heart attack the Twittersphere kicked the rumor of his death into over drive.

The story was tweeted and retweeted until it took on a life of its own.

But don’t worry fans, the New Jersey icon is still ‘livin’ on a prayer’ and the photo he posted on his Facebook site yesterday evening proves it.

He holds up a sign in the photo saying “Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey.” He has a good sense of humor!

He may be laughing, but this is frightening. Someone you’ve never met -- and have never heard of -- can easily and quickly digital assassinate you regardless of who you are.

Read more: Jon Bon Jovi Victim of Online Death Hoax - ABC News

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