Diet and Exercise Was So 2011 for New Year's Resolutions: Worry About Your Online Rep in 2012

-- Four Easy Ways to Protect Online Reputation in the New Year --

We've all made the New Year's resolutions -- usually more than once -- to eat healthier, exercise more and take better care of ourselves.

But have you made the resolution to take care of

In the digital age everyone needs to take control of their online reputation. And don't think avoiding social media is the answer. Being absent often makes it worse -- you can then be defined by just a few negative posts.

Here are four things you can do to stay savvy in the New Year. And trust us it's easier than putting down the cheeseburger and picking up the dumbbells!

1. See What's Out There: Find out what is being said about you or your business. Google yourself!

2. Stay in the Know: Instantly know when your name is mentioned online. Set up Google alerts for your name, product or brand.

3. Change What You Can: Didn't know your Facebook photos were visible to anyone who searches your name? Thought all your Tweets were private? Review your privacy controls on all your social media profiles, so you are in control of who sees what.

4. Bury the Bad: It's impossible to remove unflattering information other's post about you...but don't give up hope. Post positive or neutral content about yourself anywhere you can to drive those pesky posts to bottom of your search results.

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