Top Three Digital Assassination Trends for 2012 Based on Top Ten Digital Assassinations, 2011

The authors of the new book Digital Assassination: Protecting Your Reputation, Brand or Business Against Online Attacks, St. Martin’s Press --- Richard Torrenzano and Mark Davis --- are spotlighting three major Digital Assassination trends for 2012.

Digital Assassination begins as a willful act by someone who wishes to do harm through the Internet. It unfolds as a deliberate campaign to spread harmful lies the assassin has concocted or as attempt to take a fact grossly out of context or embellish it, making an ordinary shortcoming seem ghastly.

The trends are based on lessons from the top ten digital attacks of 2011, also announced today.

Click Here for the Top Three Digital Assassination Trends for 2012 and the Top Ten Digital Assassinations of 2011

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