Don't Fire Back: How to Avoid Fingertip Rants - American Express OPEN Forum

Negative reviews on Yelp and other review sites can sting, but how you respond also affects your business and its reputation. Just ask Jason Quinn, a 25-year-old chef who opened a Santa Ana restaurant after winning the Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network.

Most of the almost 200 Yelp reviews of Quinn’s restaurant, The Playground, are positive. But when he read one-star review with a snide, he responded with a fingertip rant: “KOBE BEEF SHOULD NEVER BE WELL DONE if you disagree YOU ARE WRONG.” He signed off, “Burn in hell.”

It is not without reason that small business owners feel review sites are shooting galleries in which the profanely disgruntled—or perhaps jealous competitors in disguise—can take potshots at your life’s work.

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