Anonymous Strikes Again: Part II

This time taking on God, launching an attack on the Vatican website.

The underground hacking organization hell-bent on taking down some of the world’s biggest names has already feasted on Sony, PBS, The White House and the FBI.

But it turns out the Vatican isn’t as old fashioned as some might think. A full scale attack failed because the Vatican “invested in the infrastructure needed to repel both break-ins and full-scale assaults,” according to a New York Timesarticle today.

What worries us about Anonymous is just that…its anonymity. That is what makes it as frighteningly effective as we’ve seen it over the past few months.

“Anyone can use the Anonymous umbrella to hack anyone at anytime,” warned Rob Rachwald, Imperva’s director of security in the same Timesarticle

And the hackers themselves agree, saying just that their Twitter.

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