Should You Give Out Your Facebook Password in a Job Interview?

Why not? Give them the keys to you house and your car while you’re at it. Oh, and here’s my diary. The juicy stuff is on page 66.

This newest intrusion, this time by corporate HR, into our personal lives is too ridiculous to stand. In fact, no sooner did the first articles appear on this last week than New York’s ever-eager headline hound, Sen. Chuck Schumer, joined by another shrinking violet, Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut (a former state AG alert to the power of consumer outrage), to call on Department of Justice and the EEOC to investigate.

Facebook itself is warning prospective employers off of this tactic, saying it is a lawsuit magnet.

Caught between trial lawyers and the feds, employers will surely back off. So you likely won’t have to choose between putting bread on the table, and opening your digital kimono.

Of course, none of this matters if you have liberal privacy settings that allow anyone to see what you post.

The larger issue is tagged by a Digital Assassination reader on our Facebook page:

"The fine line of freedom of expression vs. ethical restraint is cracking in the age of social media, distorted on both sides."

What is lacking—and appalling—whether it is the Facebook scraping scandal, in which vendors were allowed to correlate mountains of personal data with actual identities, or this overreach by corporate HR—is a fundamental lack of common sense.

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