CFO Fired for Facebook, Twitter Posts

When you hear about big Facebook and Twitter fails, it is usually a student who didn’t get into the college of choice because of an incriminating photo, or a lower-level employee or middle-manager who made an incredibly indiscreet remark.

You would expect that there should be an even higher standard for those in the C-suite, especially executives who have access to information that is proprietary and highly confidential.

Now the CFO of a Houston-based company lost his million-dollar plus job after making Facebook posts like:

“Earnings released. Conference call completed. How do you like me now Mr. Shorty?”


“Dinner w/Board tonite. Used to be fun. Now one must be on guard every second.”

In some cases, the government has forced employers to reinstate employees under the National Labor Relations Act who vented on social media after working hours—under the theory that such discussions enable their collective bargaining rights.

Hard to make that case in the C-Suite.

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