"It's Like I'm Living in a Kafka Novel"

Wired details a chilling case of digital assassination in which Korean hip hop artist Daniel Lee had his soaring career cut short by an orchestrated campaign to cast doubt on his real and verifiable achievements.

This purposeful campaign got Lee’s brother fired and, according to Wired, threats to stab Lee and his brother to death proliferated.

Now the former hip hop star, a new father, has become a hermit at age 30, hiding out with his family.

In our book, we document the terror victims suffer when in the grips of the Human Flesh Search Engine and its mindless rage. What is unique here is the ability of this particular campaign to continue unabated even after its lies have been exposed, its logic utterly debunked. That it does, speaks of something worse than just misguided resentment, wrong channeled.

It speaks of a kind of nihilism, an enjoyment of a public spectacle of cruelty.

South Korea’s Human Flesh Search Engine is impervious to any amount of documentation.

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