Facebook Reports, Solves Crimes

The tragic death of Jasmine Benjamin, a 17 year-old south Georgia college student serves as a macabre reminder of the power of social media. As a crime-solving tool, social media stands toe-to-toe with autopsy reports, finger prints and private investigators.

Jasmine’s parents first learned of their daughter’s death not from the police, but from a Facebook post forwarded by a family friend, but rather than condemn the police department, the family is embracing the power of social media to uncover information on Jasmine’s death -- now treated as a homicide.

Facebook is being combed for clues to Jasmine’s death. Any suspicious Facebook comments or status may shine light on the case.

Last spring the Criminal Justice Degree Guide put together a riveting – if not unsettling – inforgraphic of 20 crimes solved thanks to Facebook. We’re glad to see police departments around the world are harnessing social media to bring criminals to justice.

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