Twitter Terrorists: Where Do We Draw the Line?

As Gaza is ripped with gunfire, another powerful weapon is being hurled from both sides…140 characters a time. The Gaza tweets have reignited the debate of terrorists on Twitter.

Seven Republicans lawmakers demand the FBI shut down the militant groups Hamas and Hezbollah Twitter accounts to stop the spread of ‘violent propaganda.'

There is no doubt Twitter acts as today's propaganda posters, but let’s look at both sides of the argument from a New York Times piece

For. Texas Congress Ted Poe: Through Twitter the groups “are amassing more followers and threatening the security of the United States. We freeze terrorist organizations’ bank accounts, and we ought to freeze their Twitter accounts, too.”

Against. Jonathan Zittrain, a professor at Harvard Law School and a founder FBI of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society. “I think it’s as contrary to the First Amendment as openness is the enemy to extremism and fundamentalism. The F.B.I. is going to learn more about Hamas and any organizations, by having them operate in an open environment, than if its voice is driven to proxies and underground backchannels, which would inevitably happen immediately.”

Necessary military action, dangerous step towards restricted freedom, or a way to keep an eye on terrorist factions?

Where do you stand?

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