Update on General Motors Hybrid Hackers

On page 167-68 of our book we tell the story of a Michigan couple who allegedly stole General Motor’s hybrid design secrets and offered them GM’s Asian competitor Chery.

Of course, Chery has no recollection of the scheme, but if you remember the company is no stranger to GM secrets. In 2005, the car company released their QQ model…an exact copy of the recently released GM Spark. And we mean so exact each cars’ parts were perfectly interchangeable.

A reader recently shared an update on that Michigan couple. Yu Qin and his wife, Shanshan Du, a former General Motors engineer, were convicted in December of stealing trade secrets, wire fraud and obstruction.

The Feds don’t think the stolen information made it to China and GM is downplaying the leak's potential financial and commercial fallout, but to us this is another case of the volatile combination of human greed and corruption and today’s technology.

Thanks Ryan R. for sharing the update.

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