Is Your Facebook Password in Your Will?

In an era when so much of our lives is shared online, tucked away behind passwords and security protocol, how can a greiving family hold on to those memories.

The Atkin's family story exposes the heartbreaking side of online security. Just weeks after losing their youngest daughter to colon cancer, her digital footprint -- photos, poems, memories -- began to lock or erase. Unable to secure the passwords, the family was powerless.

Many online networks delete the content of users' profile when given a death certificate. And of course sites shouldn't surrend passwords -- even to loved ones -- without legal consent, but what if you don't want all your material deleted?

The law is progressing much slower than technology, as we've seen before, but work is being done in the field of 'digital-assets law.'

In the end, if you want loved ones to have access to your digital legacy, give them access to the passwords.

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