Another Big 'Sextortion' Case

In Digital Assassination we recounted the case of Luis Mijangos, a young man in California who went to prison for “sextorting” hundreds of women and girls. Now a 27-year-old Glendale man has been charged by the FBI for the same crime, and with similar numbers.

Both cases are remarkably similar, in which the perp hacks into the victim’s computer and compromises intimate pictures, along with all their contact information and email traffic with boyfriend.

Armed with blackmail material, the perp then persuades a surprisingly high percentage of the victims into performing lewd acts for his amusement in front of the computer’s pinhole camera.

Remember –

  • The same computer that lets you Skype with a friend across the country can let a hacker see you

  • Intimate photos are like dandelions – they want to go everywhere

  • And if someone tries to sextort you, go to the FBI. They have experience in this field, and will deal with your issue with sensitivity.

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