Ivy League Controversy

William F. Buckley famously once said he would rather turn over the government of the United States to the first 400 people in the Boston phone book than to the faculty of Harvard University. What about the first 400 URLs?

The scouring of faculty emails by Harvard administrators has the profs in arms, waving rhetorical pitchforks over the violation of their privacy. The administration did so to find a leak over confidential information about a student cheating scandal. (The culprit turned out to be a resident dean, who did not leak it intentionally, but inadvertently forwarded confidential Harvard memos to the media.)

The takeaway? Hey, Harvard faculty – if you do not own the computer you are using, then you do not own the information on it. That is also, by the way, true of the computer we all use at work.

Galling? Yes. But true.

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