'Inspired' to Action

The Administration let The Washington Post know that it has finally summoned the gumption to use a hacker to disrupt Inspire.

In case you are not up on the latest Jihadist reading, Inspire is the English-language online magazine Al Qaeda produces to inspire individuals to commit acts of mayhem and murder. The Administration finally allowed U.S. intelligence to take it off-line.

The likely cause was the inspiration of Jihadist web sites in prompted the Tsarnev brothers to blow the limbs off of Americans celebrating at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

For years, a somewhat spooky source has told us that the U.S. government was failing to do truly imaginative troll-like tricks – like replacing Inspire with a look-alike magazine that shows the horror and futility of terrorism.

Now we hear that U.S. intelligence has been doing just that, including changing bomb recipes to make them inoperative. Administration CYA spin or CIA fact?

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