Eye-C-U, Part 32

A British geek helped three women friends fix their computers. Then he added a little something extra – he reversed their webcams so he could spy on them. Wired reports:

Digital forensics expert Peter Sommer told Wired.co.uk that the techniques employed by Meldrum were "relatively unsophisticated" in that the victims knew him and had given him access to their computers.

"Most of the time people would send a trojan to somebody and the software would covertly switch the webcam on," he said. Anecdotally, he says, this sort of voyeurism is "very common" and spying software is "very easy to get hold of", but it's hard to tell the scale of the issue since people who are being viewed without their knowledge won't make a complaint to the police.

"But once there's a suspicion, any competent digital forensics investigator will be able to find the digital traces and trap [the perpetrator]."

Guilty on three counts.

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