Tips to Respond to Online Attacks on Your Brand and Reputation

Such attacks can originate from many sources. The attackers are usually disgruntled employees, dissatisfied investors, unhappy customers, competitors and extortionists who are upset with a company and want to harm it.

The attacks can take many forms. Some of them are:

  • Posting defamatory comments on gripe websites like Ripoff Report.

  • Posting malicious and false comments on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook.

  • Sending anonymous defamatory mails to customers and clients, to get them to change their perception of a company or a brand.

  • Putting up false Yelp! reviews, changing Wikipedia entries to reflect false or defamatory content about company executives or brands, seeking to cause embarrassment.

  • Creating blogs and websites and posting defamatory or disparaging content about someone’s reputation or brand on them.

In their book, “Digital Assassination: Protecting your Reputation, Brand or Business Against Online Attacks”, authors Mark Davis and Richard Torrenzano talk about Seven Swords that can be used to harm brands and reputations online. We will discuss one of them, which the authors call ‘evil clones’...

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