The Biggest Problem With Hillary's Email

U.S. News and World Reports

Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server for her email account when she was secretary of state will expose her to a number of questions with potentially incriminating answers about the mixture of public and private business.

She will no doubt claim that she considered the State Department system to be too insecure to use. After all, it was just last year that the department had to shut down its unclassified email system because of damage done to it, probably by state-sponsored hackers.

The problem with that defense is that at least the State Department system is continually monitored by a team of information technology professionals. Unless Clinton invested millions of dollars in a personal IT department, her “homebrew” account would have been a godsend to any number of hackers working for foreign intelligence services, not to mention the usual gang of trolls and snoops...

...I learned about this threat of interpolation while researching a book, "Digital Assassination," with my co-author, Richard Torrenzano. In our investigations, we discovered that hackers are growing ever more sophisticated in altering sent emails.

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